"my life will end and so will yours so just kiss me anytime"

Such a nice quote because it is so true. We only have a certain amount of time here and you never know when your life could end. I think we’re stuck in some pre-made plan where you grow up, go to school, pay for school, get a job, pay bills, get busy with your job, and grow old. It’s weird. I wish everyone would live in a world where they could do anything. I guess this world got is so structured that people forget how to live. Sometimes, it leaves me wondering why I’m still at school. Then again, I’m almost done. might as well get a decent job to pay for travel expenses. Right now, that’s the only way I could pursue my dream of travelling around the world. Life could be stressful but we should live in a world where we are stress-free. People need to have fun and not trap themselves to a world where they are worried about everything. I’m gonna end this post by explaining the title. I recently discovered this band “The 1975” and they are great. Their songs talk about two people living in a world where they could do anything. you guys should listen to them. anyways, I’m off til tonight because it is going to be a long day for me.


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What an exciting weekend! had fun, learned some life lessons, and worked a lot. I was so busy and tired so I couldn’t even post something here. It’s monday.. who loves mondays anyways? NO ONE. Well okay, going back to the story this weekend. Friday was just a chill night with my buddy, Jon, and his roommates. I live like 10 houses away from them so I can just walk anytime I want there. So then, saturday comes and here we go. My girlfriend didn’t have fun on saturday because her mom asked her to go home. I felt really bad because she hasnt gone out with her friends for a long time now. So, I invited her to my friend’s party so she could have fun. At one point, I saw one text message from a guy saying “I miss you too babe <3” something like that. So I asked her about it and she said it’s just how he talks and they have been good friends for a long time. Of course, a normal reaction is to get angry. I was angry, but then I thought, why am I angry, I trust her and why would I get sad if it’s just nothing right? moving on, our conversation was over but I wasnt feeling right the rest of the night. After I dropped her off, she asked me if I was okay and I said yes, im just thinking of things. having a long sad conversation, I realized she fell asleep. So I was left alone still thinking. I realized one thing, that if I really trust her and have faith in her I shouldn’t be sad or worried. or maybe im just crazy in love with her that I accepted that she’s cheating on me. This is a life lesson that I’ve been wanting to learn a long time. I didn’t know what it is but it is called having faith in someone. I got to the point where I was really clingy and worried that there is someone better but in the end, she won’t replace me, she won’t betray me, she loves me dearly, and that I shouldn’t be worried at all. Sunday morning, I felt great. I am not worried anymore. Im not afraid that im gonna lose her because it’s not gonna happen even if it does happen I know that we’re both gonna fight for our relationship. So that’s done now off to sunday. I worked 11 hours and it was busy as fuck. One specific person made my day though. My best friend from grade 9, Christina. She has changed a lot and it was good seeing her. I gave her my number so that we could talk. She wants to have coffee with me soon. I’m ecstatic that I saw her. grade 9 was a tough year for me because I just moved from another country and I didn’t know anyone but her. I think, I’m gonna have coffee with her but what will my girlfriend think of this? If she trust me then she would be fine with it. I haven’t told her yet but I will tell her soon enough. anyways, I’m off to my class. Presentation day and midterms tonight! wish me luck!

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Starting Point

Hi there! Let me first introduce myself as Victor. I’m a post-secondary student taking Media Studies at Lakehead University. I have always wanted to start a blog since I started University but I didn’t really have the time for it (Poor time management for sure). Anyways, I’m here to talk about my journey towards my goal which is to travel the world with good friends of mine. This blog will most likely be updated daily because I want to show the world how I can work my way through the journey towards my goal. Right now, I’m like light years away from my goal. I’m basically paying off tuition fees with all the hours I put in for work and I bought a car recently. I did that for one main reason, so I could travel around Ontario, Canada first and make my way to the west. I guess that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll be back at night. I don’t really know if anyone is going to read this but if someone does well congrats! you read this on my very beginning of my journey!

(Me right now in my bedroom with that peppermint tea)



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